Atlas Copco compressor oil, lubricants and fluids

To achieve a maximum uptime, every type of air compressor or vacuum pump needs a specific lubricant. Atlas Copco has all the compressor lubricants, oils and fluids in their assortment to cover all the needs you have.

As a dealer of Atlas Copco, we at OTV International are very happy to offer the whole range of Atlas copco lubricants.

OTV International wholesaler of Atlas Copco lubricants

The complete line of Atlas Copco fluids and lubricants are perfectly suited for anyone’s construction product portfolio. All the fluids and lubricants of Atlas Copco are developed to match performance specifications and improve maintenance requirements.

OTV International is a Atlas Copco distributor for the following brand products:

  1. Paroil M
  2. Paroil M Extreme
  3. Paroil S
  4. Paroil S Extreme
  5. Paroil E
  6. Paroil Extra
  7. Paroil E Mission Green
  8. Cobra & Compactor Impact-Oil
  9. Cobra Mix-Oil

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For more info, please contact:

Wico Besling

Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 49 03 – 91 56 014