Castrol lubricants

OTV international is a premium partner and wholesaler of Castrol lubricants and oils. Castrol is the world leader in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of high quality lubricants. OTV International is able to offer all Castrol oils at competitive and attractive prices.

Castrol dealer OTV International

Castrol lubricants and oils are among the best-selling products in the industry worldwide. They are suitable for almost all applications in the commercial, private and industrial sectors. OTV International is a dealer for Castrol products for all applications.

Enthusiastic customers use Castrol products for their vehicles and motorcycles. They thus maintain manual and automatic transmissions, lubricate chains, grease, clean and maintain their machines. OTV International supplies customers around the world with Castrol branded products.

These high quality products are used wherever machines are used. Customers rely on the Castrol brand for agricultural, aerospace and marine applications.

OTV International is a Castrol distributor for the following brand products:

1. CASTROL Edge 5W30 Titanium Longlife

2. CASTROL Edge Professional

3. CASTROL Magnatec

4. CASTROL Magnatec Professional

5. CASTROL GTX Ultraclean

6. CASTROL Syntrans

7. CASTROL Transmax

8. CASTROL Industrial products and many more.

Castrol is a proven lubricant manufacturer with more than 100 years of tradition. Initially, lubricants were sold to rail, shipping and mining companies, and over the years, production of engine oil for cars, motorcycles and airplanes was added. Today, Castrol exports its excellent products to more than 145 countries around the world. The lubricants and oils thus provide safety in the operation of machines worldwide, high efficiency and productivity and compliance with environmental standards.

OTV International is committed to these standards as a Castrol wholesaler. With its excellent contacts all over the world, OTV has earned an excellent reputation among its business partners. The fast and reliable processing of orders and deliveries are both a requirement and a task for OTV International.