Caterpillar Lubricants

One thing you should know about Caterpillar lubricants is that it was developed by Caterpillar to ensure a consistent high performance for all Caterpillar equipment. Caterpillar lubricants exceed industry specification and are available for every application and environment.

As a Caterpillar dealer OTV International can offer the whole range of CAT Oils at very competitive prices.

OTV International wholesaler of Caterpillar oils

OTV International is able to provide the appropriate Caterpillar oils products for every application. Thanks to the distribution network that OTV International has built up through its long-standing relationships, worldwide delivery is available.

OTV International is a Caterpillar distributor for the following brand products:

  1. CAT DEO (Diesel Engine Oil)
  3. CAT TDTO (Drive Train Oil)
  4. CAT SATO (Special Application Transmission Oil)
  5. CAT HYDO (Hydraulic Oil).