General Motors lubricants: more efficiency and less emissions

General Motors (GM) from the United States is one of the world’s largest automakers. Brands such as Chevrolet or Cadillac are known throughout the world. It’s perfectly clear that the US company is also active in the field of oils and lubricants for vehicles. Engine oils, gear oils, brake fluids and greases – these and other General Motors lubricants are supplied by OTV International worldwide.

General Motors oils protect the engine from wear and tear. Its outstanding properties reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Over a long period GM products protect against engine contamination. Oil residue and harmful deposits are a thing of the past and increase the life expectancy of every engine.

Lubricants for use under the toughest conditions

GM has developed oils and lubricants that can increase the effectiveness of every machine and engine. They are designed to ensure excellent cleaning power and comprehensive engine and wear protection to help save fuel. Even with long oil change intervals a high sealing protection for the engine is guaranteed.

Problematic sludge and deposits are reduced, emissions are also reduced by reduced levels of sulfate, phosphorus and sulfur. General Motors lubricants reduce fuel consumption by reducing internal friction and prevent oil aging even under the harshest conditions. They also show excellent properties at extremely high or low temperatures. OTV International successfully works with General Motors to distribute this company’s oils around the world.